Thing Thing Arena 2

Rating : 8.7

Thing Thing Arena 2 is a action packed, survival shooter where you take on endless hordes of enemies and try to get the best score you can. you get many different weapons when you defeat enemies so defeating them quickly is the key to surviving the onslaught does it take you to be the next king of the arena? Create your character, pick up weapons, and shoot everything in your path to find out. Developer
Sean Weasel McGee developed Thing Thing Arena 2. the platformweb browser


W (up arrow key) = Jump
D (right arrow key) = Walk right
A (left arrow key) = Walk left
S (down arrow key) = Crouch
Left Shift = Sprint
E = Change weapon
Mouse cursor = Aim
Left mouse button = Shoot

You can perform a double jump if you jump upward or forward (cannot be done with back jumps).