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Slither. it is popular io snake game. by eating multi-colored orbs in a giant multiplayer arena you must grow your snake avoid other snakes to avoid becoming snake food or take down other players by forcing them to crash into your side How to Play Slither
Do you like snakes. it's cool if you don't because these snakes aren't a threat The players controlling the snakes, though. and they39ll try to get you enjoy this twist on the classic serpent genre with slither io. Like the classic game Snake that was available on cell phones and computers for decades, you grow by eating small pellets. But Slither. the new io adds a multiplayer element that completely changes the playing field Eat and Grow
The glowing orbs are your key to sustenance. By eating them, you increase the snake's size and gain more energy for boosting. it starts small so don't try taking on the big boys until you've grown stronger work on the eating and avoiding strategy until you39ve acquired enough size to take on smaller snakes it is an important feature but it comes at the cost of size This method can be used when you are racing against snakes, once you have the perfect spot near the opponent's head, make a sudden cut to eliminate it. take advantage of the boost wisely to ensure that you get maximum value for the cost there are two special orbs in addition to the regular orbs that are widely available around the map when a snake dies all of its glowing pellets are dropped the more large the snake that falls the more plentiful the harvest will be this early discovery of these orbs can grow your snake fast the other special orbs can be found floating around the arena occasionally These floating orbs will run away if you chase them, but it is worth more than the average dots around, so it may be worth pursuing. capture other snakes once you acquire adequate size you can circle around smaller snakes trapping them and tightening your grip much like a regular snake would If your size becomes gargantuan, you can even catch a multitude of small snakes, leading to their inevitable demise and more nourishment for you. similar to slither there are other similar games it depends on your preference which games you like the most see the other snake io games:
Worms Zone - same game mechanics with a different feel, graphics, and unique features. paper this is a unique twist on the snake which involves expanding territory instead of growing a worm or snake Powerline. io - classic snake game mechanics, but you're playing as a line of electricity that gets bigger. Features

Decorate your worm using one of 12 different skins
Raw, competitive gameplay with various play styles
With millions of players worldwide, there's no shortage of matches
Colorful, neon graphics bring your snake to life

Slither. io is available through a web browser ios and android Developer
Slither. this is a 32-year-old developer from michigan who had previously developed circle push and flappy 2048 extreme he's a lowtech studios Release Date
March 2016.

move the mouse to control the direction of the snake you can click on the button to go full speed Keyboard: Snakes can also be controlled using the arrow keys:

UP Arrow to go at full speed
LEFT Arrow to turn left
RIGHT Arrow to turn right

It's best to go into fullscreen mode when using the arrow keys to prevent unwanted scrolling using the button on the right-hand side below the game.