Rating : 8.8

DEADSHOT. io is an online first-person shooter game with several map weapons and game modes Play against your friends or other players worldwide, and login to unlock more features. 'how to playdeadshot' is a simple fps with a focus on skillful play simply click on play to jump into an online game on one of the several maps and game modes you can invite a party of friends challenge other players to top the leaderboards and be a pro-fps player dominating the game detailed settings can be customized so you can find the best way to play and gain an edge over your opponents after creating an account you can login to the shop and purchase new weapons and other items which are stored in your storage you enjoy playing fps games? there's more to see check out the popular shooting fields of fury and mini royale for more online shooters Release Date
October 2022
GoalieSave25 made this game. the platformweb browser


WASD = move
Space = jump
Shift = crouch / slide
Enter = chat
~ or Esc = pause
Left-click = shoot
Right-click = iron sight.