Holey.io Battle Royale

Rating : 7.9

holey? it is a battle royale game where you consume various items and enemies with smaller holes as you swallow you will grow bigger each time a map is shrinking the player will be forced into a narrower environment until only one person remains standing Consume, grow, and become the last hole standing in the arena. Once you've become the ultimate hole, check out some more popular. io games like Cubes 2048 and Agar. io. Features

Earn and equip unique skins
Use strong power-ups to boost your speed and magnet power

Tips and Tricks

Everything in the arena is edible. You can collect/swallow items smaller than your hole to grow up. the other players can be swallowed as long as their holes are smaller it becomes smaller with time and creates dead zones use the speed power-up to catch up with your opponents quickly after 2 seconds of speed you have to wait 6 seconds to cool down avoid the size down sign Follow the booster spawns: use the magnet, size up, and speed boosters to get the advantage. Release Date
August 2023
Playmost made Holey. the io battle royale - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop


Move mouse = change direction
Hold left-click / space bar = speed up


Drag = move
Click the on-screen button = speed up.