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EvoWars. io is an io game set in an online battle arena top-down Collect orbs and battle other players to evolve your warrior. each evolution increases your weapon range but slows your movement how many people will you kill before you fall? How to Play
Traverse the online battleground collecting orbs to grow your warrior into greater forms. Take down enemies with swords, axes, and more. continue the fight until you39re hit by the enemy see what evolution you can reach before your day of reckoning Tips

Focus on collecting orbs around the outside of the map when you are low level
Your weapon range improves as you get bigger, but you also become slower, so remember to remain cautious and alert. When you're smaller, you can move faster - use it to your advantage and play more evasively when you are low level

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Intense slashing gameplay to eliminate opponents
You can level up to increase the size and evolve to more than 15 character models
Define your own play style and use every opportunity as good as possible
Sprint ability at the cost of your experience points

Release Date
March 2018
EvoWars. io was developed by night steed games Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

mouse controls move your mouse mouse to control the character's movement left click to attack right click to sprint