Spooky Island

Rating : 5

Spooky Island is a casual adventure game where you kill monsters and expand your base. Become the ultimate apocalypse hero and defeat all the island ghouls before sailing off to a new destination!
Slay monsters and sell their bones for gold
Kill monsters and collect their bones to sell for gold. You can use your gold to purchase upgrades and expand your island.
Get newer, more powerful swords
Upgrade your weapon to hack n’ slash through monsters with more power and style than ever before. Your weapon gets a full visual makeover when you upgrade the damage and speed.
Unlock secret weapons and turrets
Bombard the enemy with weapons. As you progress, you’ll get more opportunities to use different weapons. You can build a guard tower to pummel the beasts with bullets automatically. Occasionally, you can watch an ad to get totally cool weapons like a minigun and spray the monsters to bulleted bits.
Travel to new locations for a fresh adventure
Once you’ve delivered carnage and restored peace on the island, you can sail away to the next location, with stronger monsters and new adventures to conquer!
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Release Date
September 2022
Izyplay Game Studio developed this game.

Web browser

WASD or left mouse button = move