Monster Sanctuary

Rating : 9.3

Monster Sanctuary - tame monsters in this fantasy world. a 2d rpg game where you play as a young and proud monster keeper you are accompanied by the spirit animal that can help you on the long journey battle uncountable monsters get new monsters in your party and raise them to become the greatest monsters of all time i wish you the best first players must choose their familiar Choose from four different characters including the Spectral Wolf, Toad, Eagle, or Lion. spectral animals have an ancient bloodline of proud monsters Moreover, each animal has different skills, stats, and affinity with an element such as earth, fire, or water. after choosing a familiar player players must follow their ancestors footsteps and try to keep the peace between humans and monsters unbearable events worry the people and threaten the peace - it is your duty to train your monsters and discover the mystery that threatens the land each monster has its own set of attacks and stats monsters have a wide range of weaknesses and are resistant to different types of attack always check information and see which attacks are best to use it's easy to follow turn-based combat - first you attack then the enemy attacks take turns carefully aside from strength and resistance each monster has a unique skill tree upgrading this skill tree unlocks new powerful abilities as your monsters level up their basic stats such as health and mana also increase monster sanctuary must be one of the most detailed and fun to play out of all the monster collecting games don't forget to hatch monster eggs while you're playing Collect monster eggs from battles. These eggs can be hatched to give you new monsters to fight with. once it has been hatched the monster is yours and you can start upgrading and including it in future battles in early access this game has a great community of dedicated players already players should also take into account the skill tree and the items that they gather Pick up equipment, weapons, and potions from chests. upgraded equipment can be crafted and given out to monsters This improves their damage and stats. potions are used to give different effects and heal both mana and health but this aspect of the monster sanctuary is just as important as the combat itself the monster sanctuary will give you hours of enjoyment if you enjoy turn-based combat and metroidvania like exploration see if you can collect every monster and find out what worries the experienced keepers see if you can build a powerful team of monsters that can destroy any opponent in battle what spectral familiar do you choose? what monster eggs do you hatch? Find your fortune today in this epic RPG monster hunter game. versionnovember 2018 this is a demo version of the game the final version of the game will be available on steam if you want to support the game on kickstarter you can developed by moi rai games Features

RPG game with monster-taming gameplay
2D side-scrolling with pixel graphics
Four spirit animal options to choose as your family symbol
Many monsters to capture
Various upgradeable monster skills
A beautiful world to travel


Web browser


Left or right arrow to move
Space bar to jump
Esc to open menu.