Rocket Bot Royale

Rating : 8.9

a gravity-defying multiplayer tank game in a battle royale arena Blast other players, collect coins, avoid the rising water levels, and survive for longer than the rest. How to Play Rocket Bot Royale
Fight epic tank battles
Use your cannon to propel your tank around the island. land on rocks with their own gravity center and defend your right to survive destruction other tanks and take what they leave behind Earn gold coins and gems
Play more addictive Rocket Bot Royale battles to rack up your gold and gems stash. it's also possible to buy gold in the shop and watch ads for an instant bonus gold start with an advantage before you join a game use your gold to get perks and weapons each level 1 player has four standard upgrades which last for the duration of the game complete all of your goals to level up Leveling up gives you access to better perks and weapons before the game starts, like rapid-fire, shield, additional ammo, and more. if you want to speed up this process you can also use green gems More Games Like This
Check out our battle royale games for more multiplayer titles. top games in this category include agar 1v1 battle and zombs royale io. march 2022developerwinterpixel games released rocket bot royale Platforms

Web browser


A / left arrow key = move left
D / right arrow key = move right
Move mouse = aim
Left-click = shoot.