Funny Blade & Magic

Rating : 9

this is an action game where you step into a goofy world and seek to reclaim the throne of the goblin king after your uncle betrayed Use magical abilities and powerful weapons like swords, axes, and hammers to fight close-quarters with unique bosses and enemies. are you ready to become the funniest goblin? Once you've become the goblin GOAT, check out some other GoGoMan games like Time Shooter 2 and Funny Shooter 2. browse our fighting games for action-packed fights Features

Upgrade your character and abilities as you progress through the game
Earn coins to unlock new weapons, improve stats, and customize your appearance
Challenging achievements and engaging story elements
Exciting and immersive game world with cutscenes

Release Date
March 2023
GoGoMan developed this game. - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop


WASD = move
WASD + C = dash
Space = jump
Shift = run
LMB / Z = attack
RMB / R = throw axe
F = ability
Tab = ability selector
1-6 = select ability.