Dwarves: Glory, Death, and Loot

Rating : 9.4

dwarves glory death and loot is an action game in which you lead an army of dwarves through various battles to victory it is an auto-battle rpg where you can decimate orcs fight trolls and fight dragons You’ll discover glory, death, and humongous scores of loot. How to Play
Learn the ropes
If you are unfamiliar with Dwarves: Glory, Death, and Loot, we recommend starting with the tutorial. this will guide you through the basics and get you into your first battle buy weapons with your starting gold to build an army you can equip your dwarfs immediately with these weapons along with other accessories for the dwarves in your gang later in the game find battlewhen you have set up your dwarven army for battle click the reroll button to find a battle you will have three options you can click on the one you want to play and watch your army battle they'll fight against the enemy the skill is in how you prepare your army for war Build your skill tree
As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock more items and gain an increasingly large army. so comes an increase in difficulty on the skill tree you can spend skills points to improve the abilities of each unit type when you have finished your dwarven conquest head to our roguelike games page for more addictive titles like this endless waves survival is an excellent choice that we are sure you will love playing in this category list of features build an army of dwarves equip them with various weapons watch them fight a range of enemies make them stronger with skill tree perksrelease date december 2022developerdwarves glory death and loot was developed by ich Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to choose your battle
Press Esc to open the menu.