Shadow Ninja Revenge

Rating : 9.3

it's an action-platformer game where you play as a ninja seeking revenge against a man named takeda who kidnapped your son use your sword and shuriken to take down enemies and run through the environment to the next stage how to play ninja in the dead of night taking down takedas guards collecting loot and gaining skills as you progress make sure you avoid deadly traps the game has a good tutorial that introduces you to many special abilities to get you through every new challenge you can find the scrolls of the portal in each level these portal scrolls allow you to go to the next stage through the torii gates by using the extensive skill tree you can buy various upgrades and enhance your abilities More Games Like This
Once you’ve taken revenge on Takeda, why not check out some more of our ninja games. there are other popular ninja-themed games there like ninja clash heroes and madness project nexus features fight your way to takeda and rescue your son use your various abilities to get through each level improve your ninja skills using the extensive skill tree beautiful visual aestheticsrelease date march 2022platformweb browser


W / up arrow key = jump
A / left arrow key = move left
D / right arrow key = move right
J = throw shuriken
K = use sword skill
L = use disguise skill.