Slash Royal

Rating : 9.3

a casual survival game where you fight until you're the last person standing run around the map and secure various weapons to use against your opponents whittle your enemies to none and be the only survivor in the arena to win the match How to Play
Find the winning weapon
Run to the nearest or most preferable weapon to pick it up. There are bombs, crossbows, axes, swords, maces and more. find a good weapon to take down your opponents and slay them all to win fight battles in unique locations each slash royal level is set in a unique location with its own battle arena layout use the design of the level to your advantage and play to win you can choose between two possible bonuses before each round These are randomized and include making your character giant, starting with a weapon, speed boost, steal weapons ability, and more. release date december 2020 android and ios may 2022 webgldeveloperslash royal was developed by yso corporation other popular games include hide n seek wood farmer and riot escape Platforms

Web browser

use the wasd or arrow keys to move the arena