Endless Waves Survival

Rating : 9.4

this adrenaline-fueled endless survival game is called endless waves survival fight a constant onslaught of enemies and claim upgrades and new abilities as you progress how long will you survive in the next run? How to Play
Fight a battle that never ends
Fight against a relentless stream of enemies and build your strongest character. it features elements of roguelike and bullet hell games similar to 10 minutes till dawn and fantasy madness find the strongest buildsyour goal is to survive as long as possible and figure out which abilities and upgrades give you the best chance of survival or make you totally op you can be played as a wide range of characters with different attacks and base stats Pick up loot items for the shop
There is the chance to pick up loot throughout the game, which unlocks more items to buy in the shop. to survive for longer than your previous run you can activate these potions and buffs in your next game Features

Play as a mage, knight, rogue, or archer
Fight against an endless horde of enemies
Upgrade your character as the waves intensify
Buy items in the shop to increase your survivability

Release Date

April 2022 (Android)
May 2022 (iOS)
June 2022 (Steam)
May 2023 (HTML5)

Endless Waves Survival was made by Jeferson Belmiro. Platforms

Web browser


WASD / arrow keys = move
Q / R = use activated skils
Space = dash

Xbox Controller supported.