Table Tennis World Tour

Rating : 7.1

playing table tennis on the world tour is a thrilling sport where you play table tennis against various opponents pick up your country and head to the global competition to become the world's top table tennis player How to Play
Swing and shoot
All you need to do is drag your mouse to move the racket toward the ball. it affects how you swing the racket to get a more timed shot you can move the racket closer or farther away try to catch your opponent off-guard with a good angled hit to build up points match ends when the first team reaches 11 points keep pushing your opponent to get there before they do all of the tournaments you play have six games with other players from all over the world after winning the trophy you can move to the next Stay focused
Your AI opponents in Table Tennis World Tour are dynamic and vary in difficulty depending on the stage you’re at. this changing difficulty level means that you have to think on your feet to beat your next opponent tennis masters is another great tennis game to check out if you are looking for something similar to this playing sports games is a wide selection at crazygames Check out Basket Random and hop into something new. table tennis world tour was developed by happylander - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

move the mouse button to control your racket