Soccer Random

Rating : 9

a two-player soccer game with limited controls and funny physics follow the pitch and try to beat your opponent with only one move How to Play
Use the up arrow or left-click to do your signature and only move. Each kick controls both characters on your team, but only sometimes as you would want. you can also hold your kick in the air by pressing the action button in situations where kicking randomly or doing nothing can work against you this can be useful After each Soccer Random goal, you are transported to a new location with different characters. for the game to be won one team must achieve 5 wins before the other team the game can be played randomly by you alone or with your friend More Games Like This
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Play on various pitches
Unique characters and settings
Limited controls and wacky physics
Play the game with a friend or solo

Release Date

February 2020 (HTML5)
March 2020 (Android)

RHM Interactive made Soccer Random. Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Press W or up arrow to jump and kick.