Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick)

Rating : 8.6

this free kick classic 3d free kick is a totally immersive free kick simulation game in which you will stand over a soccer ball with a wall of towering defenders and an acrobat as you swerve the ball in midflight to clear the wall and outsmart the goalkeeper take a deep breath and take your aim take up as many free kicks as you can in the time limit to reach a great high score that you can brag about to your friends Similar Games
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A cool soccer free-kick game
You can control the direction of the ball midway
3 fail chances
The goal's net has a different score based on the goal position

Release Date
June 2018
Free Kick Classic (3D Free Kick) is made by Famobi. Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

use the mouse button to move and change direction