Basketball Skills

Rating : 8.7

'basketball skills' is an arcade basketball game in which you must try to score baskets in all the different game modes available you can play time attack and distance mode as a player in arcade mode you have 10 balls to use and you must continue to score baskets although it becomes harder each time you score Time attack mode requires you to score as many baskets within the time limit as possible; you have unlimited balls but limited time. distance mode allows you to increase the distance of your shot every time you score as the distance decreases with every missed shot don't let the distance reach zero otherwise it's all over i wish you the best the game was originally released in august 2018 and was updated in april 2019 it is exclusively published on crazygames com. Features

A cool basketball game suitable for starters and pros
3 awesome game modes with different gameplay
Realistic physics
Nice sound effects and engaging music
Playable smoothly in fullscreen

Web browser.


Drag left mouse button to aim, release to shoot
R to restart.