Pill Soccer

Rating : 8.5

a 2-player soccer game in which you control 3d pill characters to score more goals than your opponent use either the wasd or arrow keys to control your character depending on which side you are try to score more goals than your opponent it's possible to play pill soccer against other opponents online or join a friend in a local 2-player game check out our two-player games for more More Games Like This
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February 2020
Web browser.

1 Player Controls

W / up arrow key = jump
A / left arrow key = move left
D / right arrow key = move right
S / down arrow key = kick
K / Z = special move

2 Player Controls
Player 1

W = jump
A = move left
D = move right
S = kick
Z = special move

Player 2

Up arrow key = jump
Left arrow key = move left
Right arrow key = move right
Down arrow key = kick
K = special move.