8 Ball Billiards Classic

Rating : 5.5

ball billiards is a free pool game play solo against ai or challenge other players in two-player mode getting started is easy so pick a cue and line up your first shot the 8-ball billiards game is an intuitive billiards game where you have to pot all striped or spotted balls your assigned balls depend on which ball was first potted Line up your cue
The controls are easy, simply click and drag to find the right level of force, then line up the angle with the ball that seems easiest to pot next. remind yourself that this is a pool so save the 8-ball until you have potted all your balls - otherwise you'll be losing check out our pool games collection for more cue-based games the two other popular titles in this category are pool club and 8-ball pool check out 8-ball pool with friends if you want to play multiplayer pool online this game is a web browser game desktop and mobile


Move your mouse to aim
Drag left mouse button backwards to set a power, release to shoot.