Super Crime Steel War Hero

Rating : 9.2

Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot is another brilliant game from HGames-Artworks. during this title you control a superhero similar to tony stark's iron man you must explore the vast 3d city and try to bring the criminals and gangsters to justice use a range of moves in your iron man suit such as flying lasers and shooting use a variety of robots and complete a myriad of different missions can you prove that iron man is a worthy superhero? Release DateMarch 2018 (Android). december 18 webgl DeveloperHGames-ArtWorks developed this game. FeaturesThe main character is a robot that can fly and shoot laserTwo robot model options to useVarious missions to do using vehiclesHigh-quality 3D graphicsPlatformsWeb browserAndroid.

ControlsWASD or arrow keys: moveT: open nearby garageE: start to flyC: fly downRight click: laserLeft click: shoot or punchSpace bar: jump or fly upLeft shift: runX: switch weaponF: open carR: open nearby shopG: grenadeZ: switch grenadeC: switch vehicle cameraGarbage truck controlsPitchfork up: ZPitchfork down: X Dump start: QDump end: ELift container: space.