Ninja Hands

Rating : 9.2

ninja hands is a casual arcade game that lets you play as a ninja use expert hand movements to unleash epic ninja powers learn new combos upgrade your skills and customize your ninja hands use different button combos to initiate various skillful attacks You can shoot fireballs, throw shurikens, use a samurai sword, and much more. now it's your turn to prove yourself to the world upgrading your skillsyou can make your ninja hands more powerful in the skills menu by leveling up your moves your upgraded skills come with new animations and ferocious firepower Use bonuses for a temporary buff
At the start of each round, you’re offered two choices for a bonus. these boosts can be anything from a tnt-carrying turkey to a guardian bear who helps fight off the bad guys in the game they give you a great variety of entertainment so try to use them the best want to become a ninja? once you have finished playing ninja hands check out ninja clash heroes for more ninja-themed gaming For another fun casual game, try playing Turbo Stars - Rival Racing. Features

Fight enemies using ninja hand combos
Buy custom skins for your ninja
Upgrade your ninja combos
Choose a bonus each round

Release Date

July 2021 (Android and iOS)
June 2022 (WebGL)

Yso Corp made Ninja Hands. Their other popular games include Wood Farmer, Hide N Seek, and Slash Royal. Platforms

Web browser


QWER = launch spells
T or Y = special spell
Hold the left mouse button = move direction
Left-click = use in-game buttons.