Gun Mayhem

Rating : 8.4

'gun mayhem' is an amazing platform shooter game in which you must fight ai opponents and try to dominate the arena the aim is simple you must knock your opponent out of the arena with a variety of different weapons although it may seem easy but it can prove quite difficult to completely knock your opponent off without getting hit yourself Before you enter the campaign you can customize your character – you can choose their hat, shirt, handgun and also perk. Perks include extra speed, no recoil and extra ammo for example. work your way through a wide variety of levels and try to defeat many different enemies the gameplay is fun and intense you have to work hard to knock your opponents out of the arena is it possible to master the weapons and unleash gun mayhem? Features

Customizable characters
Range of different weapons such as shotguns and machine guns
Campaign mode and Custom games

Gun Mayhem was developed by Kevin Gu, Arvin Eksiri with music by Kevin MacLeod.

Player 1 Controls

Arrow keys = move
[ key = shoot
] key = bomb

Player 2 Controls

WASD = move
T = shoot
Y = bomb

Player 3 Controls

Numpad / 789 = jump
Numpad * = shoot
Numpad - = bomb

Player 4 Controls

Numpad 5123 = move
Numpad 0 = shoot
Numpad. = bomb.