Rating : 9.1

a sports game that lets you experience being a part of the great american pastime as a batter in the comfort of your browser you can play 2 modes and both are as fun as the other one bottom of the ninth gives you a chance to win a walk-off your team is batting and you are down 4 points you need 5 runs to win the game with only 3 outs ark gives you a simple goal in 10 pitches you have to hit the ball into the target the closer the ball is to the center of the target the better the difficulty of the mode you select before starting will also be a factor in your final score Keep those home runs coming and don't give the defending team a chance to protect their lead. developed by luke whittaker developerbaseball was created the platformweb browser

Click on the screen to swing your bat. your cursor position determines how the ball is struck e g in a lower position the ball will fly a little higher but with a smaller forward distance