The Idiot Test

Rating : 8.5

'the idiot test' is the first instalment of this fun and enjoyable game it's up to you to progress through various levels of idiocy and prove that you actually have some mental brain power answer a variety of logical and tricky questions to progress through the game and reach higher and more prestigious levels of idiot some require logic and others require you to simply press the correct sequence of buttons for example Be careful and read the questions properly - react quickly though (or don't react sometimes) as some of the questions are time based. as you continue to develop the questions and instructions become increasingly difficult to understand how far can we go? can you show your mental strength? Release Date
October 2006

Ryan Curtis made The Idiot Test. Features

Tricky challenges
Different objects in the game
An instruction in every challenge
"Idiot" levels and challenges

Web browser.

controlsto play click on the left mouse button