Master Chess

Rating : 8.2

meister chess is an online chess game with single and multiplayer modes if you want to play chess try this excellent online browser version you can play three different game modes and test your skills head-to-head with other chess players in this title this game may not be approved by the chess federation but ai opponents are highly skilled furthermore you can play in intense online multiplayer games against skilled opponents from around the world The following game modes are available:

1on1 same device
1on1 vs. AI opponent
1on1 vs. this different game modes give you great flexibility please note that the ai opponent is quite difficult - if you expect a stroll in the park then think again you can even lose if you work hard to outsmart this artificial opponent the best part of this game is undoubtedly the online gameplay if you want to play a quick game you can start a quick match with the system master chess pairs you with a random player play chess online in custom matches alternatively it's possible to create your own game room or join one of the available servers therefore it is relatively easy to organise games and tournaments with your friends we encourage you to learn the basics of chess before you start playing online when playing different moves each piece can make are highlighted so you can't make a mistake you have to think fast developercode this lab developed master chess Features

A fun chess game for everyone
Play against a computer or your friend
Nice graphics
Clean interface

Web browser (desktop and mobile).

controls use the mouse to select a unit and move it