Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

Rating : 9.2

it is a business sim where you manage an internet cafe furnish and decorate your environment expand your capacity and earn money as you manage the daily activities of running an internet cafe business Start your Internet Cafe Business
Manage the daily running operations of your own internet and gaming cafe. Start small and grow your business with more seats, computers, and better gear. start by setting up the first pc from the boxes delivered to the door find the perfect place for the computer and make sure everything is connected and ready for your first customer your administrator can sign users into your network pay bills and do everything else your electricity bill should be paid on time otherwise your energy provider will turn off the power getting in touch with customers quickly is also important otherwise you'll lose money buy the epic gaming gear buying more expensive computers consoles and arcade machines will significantly increase your hourly earnings if you buy new games from the game store you can also increase the time your customers spend in your cafe you get to decide exactly where you want things to go - and how your cafe looks You can completely customize the looks of your internet gaming cafe with various wallpapers, floors, ceilings and more. after having enough money you can expand your cafe in addition it is essential to keep your internet cafe clean odorless and well ventilated a drop in customers will be noticed if the room smells or is too hot benefits run an internet cafe business furnish and decorate your environment buy a variety of pc and gaming equipment earn more money and expand your businessrelease datejune 2022developer internet amp gaming cafe simulator is developed by atomicode the platformweb browser


WASD = move
E = interact with objects
Left-click = build / use object
Right-click = throw object
Space = exit from admin's computer

Build Mode

T = sell object
F = place object
Q = rotate object to the left
E = rotate object to the right.