Jailbreak: Hide or Attack!

Rating : 8.9

jailbreak hide or shoot the casual escape game blends the intensity of a shooter with the strategy of hide and seek and mind-bending puzzles immerse yourself in a world of prison romance and challenge your wits and reflexes across multiple unique levels featuring easy controls this game offers addictive gameplay to help you relax are you tough enough to get out of prison? Find out now. Release Date
October 2023
Web browser (desktop and mobile).

controls using the left mouse button or the wasd or arrow keys to move the character the aim of the game is to escape from all the prisons by choosing the most effective way to escape on the level keep away from guards until you can destroy them guards want you and your friends do not enter the detection zone indicated by the red cone from the guards You can hide in all colored walls, or in gray interior items. you can find or upgrade weapons on the level start pumping with sharpening weapons and finish with a kalashnikov assault rifle