Color Page ASMR

Rating : 8.4

color page is a casual coloring game where you can complete hundreds of beautiful pictures on your mobile devices It is fun, easy, relaxing, and suitable for all ages. Complete all the beautiful images, such as animals, fruits and vegetables, toys, science, nature, work, vacations, and more. it is designed with simple lines and a vibrant color scheme to soothe your eyes and inspire your creativity draw the image by following the outlines on your screen then color the spaces to create the complete picture the game mechanics ensure that creating paintings is always easy and relaxing and if you mess up you can always start from the beginning choose any colors you want to create a picture that you find most interesting and attractive unlock your inner artist and paint away your stress webglplatforms web browser desktop and mobile android ios release date october 2022 android december 2023

hold the left mouse button to draw an outline and drag the left mouse button to color