Puppet Fighter 2 Player

Rating : 8.8

this is a game you can play locally with your friends challenge some of your friends in this fun game with minimal graphics list of unique minigames with ragdoll physics such as punchers your task is to throw the enemy out of the arena run and tag a friend take the ball and throw it at the opponent the last player who is not eliminated is the winner take a car and hit your opponent with a shovel traps push your opponent into a trap so he's out of the game find out who has a faster speed and reaction time hit the opponent when a shield does not protect your opponent jet legs fly on jets and try to blow up the jet of your opponent39 Features

Lots of fun and unique mini-games for two players
Ability to play with both friends and bots (even at the same time)
Ragdoll physics will create many unforgettable moments
Convenient one-finger joystick control
Nice minimalistic graphics

Release Date

October 2022 (Android)
November 2022 (WebGL)

Stand By Games developed this game. Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Player 1

WASD = move
F = action

Player 2

Arrow keys = move
L = action.