Papa's Hot Doggeria

Rating : 9

papas hot doggeria is a restaurant game in which you serve hotdogs to spectators at a baseball game Sound exciting. we thought that please keep up with your customers' orders and deliver delicious dogs on time with various extras and toppings upgrade your doghouse to get more points How to Play
The best seats in the house, they said
Well, hot diggity hotdog, they lied. season tickets are sold out but there's still a way to get into the baseball game working at papa's hot doggeria in this case you will not keep an eye on the ball you'll be watching the sausages sorry you might not have what you envisioned when you took this job besides grilling hotdogs can be a lot of fun grill your dogs to perfection and add any extras associated with style and grace the best creations will earn you the most tips and highest scores across all your duties earnings can be used to buy upgrades that improve your score and make the hotdog-turning lifestyle a little easier don't be afraid to cover your customers hotdog with a generous helping of sauce occasionally there will be other toppings requested so be careful not to mess it up especially picky customers known as closers show up a minute before closing time and make your life difficult everyone knows this Serve it with a chef’s kiss
It’s a miracle, you’ve successfully placed the dog in the bun. when your customer orders extra popcorn or drinks it's time to serve them up the sounds in this game will make you feel baseball nostalgia or remind you of nights at the cinema but in fact you're sitting at the computer playing papa's hot doggeria Features

Choose a character or create your own with a range of customizations
Serve hotdogs with a range of toppings and extras for hungry customers
Play fun minigames after your grueling shift at the grill
Upgrade Papa’s Hot Doggeria with all the bells and whistles

Release Date
November 2012
Papas Hotdoggeria is developed by Flipline Studios. please check out their papa louie games for more information papa's bakeria is a good choice hot doggeria is a web browser game besides android and ios versions we also have ios versions FAQs
Why is Papa's Hot Doggeria not working. there could be many reasons why the game doesn't work if you want to play papa39s hot doggeria you must be on a desktop computer with a supported web browser like google chrome or firefox the removal of the browser cache and the disablement of any adblock software may help resolve the issue contact crazygames if papa's hot doggeria doesn't work for you how many ranks are there in papa's hot doggeria? in papa's hot doggeria there are 59 levels Most of the other Papa’s games only have 44, except Papa’s Cheeseria. Where can I play Papa’s Hot Doggeria without Flash. You can play Papa’s Hot Doggeria without Flash at CrazyGames. thanks to emulation no need to make downloads to work

controls use the mouse button to interact