Iron Order 1919

Rating : 8.3

unique long term strategy game with week-long matches with up to 101 players in the alternate reality of 1919 the great war continues in 1919 a fierce fight for dominance has been waged in europe this led to the creation of the so-called mechs through constant research and several technological breakthroughs Towering war machines that roam the battlefield clad in thick armor, wielding never before seen firepower. Soldiers become mere bystanders in a war that will be decided in a cataclysmic clash of both man and machine, as well as a nation's sheer will to pay the toll of blood and iron. in the iron order you have the chance to make a mark on a war-torn continent enter advanced racing technology to levels the early 20th century has never seen when playing in multiplayer matches you are asked to plan your strategy wisely and lead your nation to victory matches based on world war 1 scenarios and beyond are run in real-time on world maps nations are divided into smaller provinces with unique properties that influence the production of resources or terrain there is a goal to take control of most of the map to achieve your goal you have full control over your nation39s economic developments technological research military advancements and diplomatic relations with other players never trust your alliance fully - when power is in your reach everyone becomes an enemy will you let your people fight with scythes or plan ahead and join in the technological revolution? regular updates expand the lore and add variety to gameplay in iron order we're just beginning the journey there's a lot to come and we can't wait to hear about your experiences in the game and your feedback welcome organize your strategy around the fantastical and historical units of the time period ● Long Term Strategy in Real-Time
● Weaponry based on popular Dieselpunk, Teslapunk and Steampunk ideas featuring Mechs and Robots
● Every unit type is featuring a special “Titan” class with incredible power and utility
● Play with up to 101 players per match
● Maps based on historical events and beyond

Release Date
September 2022
Bytro Labs made Iron Order 1919. the platformweb browser

Mouse and Keyboard.