Getaway Shootout

Rating : 8.8

a chaotic two-player game where you race three other players to the extraction point if you jump left or right it makes the race a little tricky grab weapons along the way to use against the others How to play
Play solo or with a friend
Team up with a friend using the same keyboard, or play one-player mode. choose one of the characters and start the game after starting a race you may notice that you can only move by jumping left or right creating a chaotic scene it depends on how long you stay in either direction there are multiple rounds in the race each taking place in a different place race to the finish line and pick up weapons and upgrades as you pass them using your weapons you can attack the other racers on your way to the end Features

Goofy ‘jump to move’ mechanics
Weapons and power-ups
Multiple race locations
Unlockable characters

Release Date
August 2018
Getaway Shootout is made by New Eich Games, who also made other challenging physics-based games: Rooftop Snipers, House of Hazards, and Ping Pong Chaos. Platforms

Web browser

controlsplayer 1 controls w to jump left e to jump right r for power-upplayer 2 controls i to jump left o to jump right p for power-up