Dragon World

Rating : 9

Dragon World game - control a mighty winged beast. control a powerful dragon in dragon world and fight other dragons if you have a dragon you can shoot devastating fireballs and fire breaths that can crush opponents obviously it's your job to do it right can you be the alpha dragon and rule the battlefield? each player can customize their dragons with different skins - this gives them character and adds to the multiplayer action play this game today and create your own frightening winged beast players must use various moves such as dragon breath fireballs and even deadly melee attacks in a battle using combinations of moves is the key dragon world is definitely one of the best dragon games available The combination of different maps, 5 cool game modes, and awesome dragon combat create an interesting and exciting title. jump into multiplayer action today and see if you can conquer with your own dragon release date november 2018 developer freezenova developed dragon world Also Known As
This game is also published as another title, Dragon. io. Features

Multiplayer dragon battle
Multiple dragon skins to use
Various dragon attacks: fireball, fire breath, and melee sweep
Five game modes, including a cool Exploration mode
Three beautiful maps

Dragon World is a web browser game. we also have steam


WASD or arrow keys: move the dragon
Space: fly up
Left shift: sprint
Q: jump
C: down
R: dodge
Shift + left mouse click: fire breath
Left mouse click: fireball
Right mouse click: melee attack
T: chat
M: map
Esc, tab: pause menu.