CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots

Rating : 9.5

the cyber dinosaur game cyberdino t-rex vs robots is a side-scrolling action game featuring futuristic dinosaur battles Fight against various monsters and robots, upgrade your gear, and become the ultimate CyberDino. playattackthe first thing you do in cyberdino is attacking in attack mode you fight robots in a series of battles your default attack has 3 capabilities There are 4 separate regions, each new place bringing tougher enemies, and a final boss at the end. craftat the end of each battle you'll be rewarded with all the loot you earned throughout the game use the items to create new armor and weaponry to make you stronger for the next fight You can also earn more crafting materials by opening loot boxes when available. Upgrade
You also earn currency in battles. then you can use it to upgrade your abilities the more progress you make the more of these abilities you will unlock Helicopter and lightning strikes are just two of the many upgrades that come later in the game. Features

Four battle regions with tricky new enemies to destroy
Various upgrades to improve your special abilities
Crafting items allow you to build stronger weapons and armor
Loot boxes containing different rewards

Release Date
September 2021
dennatolich developed CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots. Platforms

Web browser

Left-click or 1-4 = choose the skills.