Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

Rating : 8.8

a fun puzzle game in which you sort colored liquids into glass cups sort all colors neatly together to move on to the next level How to Play
Relax and organize your liquids
Move the colors from one container to the next until each glass is filled to the top with one color. can you put a liquid in another glass only if it is the same color complete each level in the shortest possible moves to earn a 3-star rating various assist buttons are available if you get stuck in a situation Unlock new challenges as you progress
Test your brain in over 300 challenging puzzles that get progressively trickier as you move through the game. you can click the mouse to play blind if you feel brave at the end of each level you are rewarded with gold coins Customize your cups
As you get further through Cups - Water Sort Puzzle, you can unlock a variety of cup styles and unique pouring implements along with various backgrounds using the gold coins you earned. the water sort puzzle is a puzzle game with a casual and stress-free theme Check out Brain Teaser, The White Room, and Wood Cutter for more fun logic games. features relaxing color-sorting exercises challenges that get trickier unlock new cup styles and shapes over 300 levels release date november 2020 ios december 2020 android may 2022 webgldevelopercups - water sort puzzle is developed by blury studio Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

controls use the left mouse button to choose the bottle