Mergest Kingdom

Rating : 8.7

it is a charming merge puzzle game that lets you build your own kingdom by matching different resources in groups of 3 you can build a fairytale kingdom by completing quests and matching hundreds of objects how to playmine and harvest resourcesmergest kingdom features hundreds of objects that can be combined in groups of 3 to create new items when you combine raw materials you transform them into something new - like a house then the houses can be combined to make a bigger house etc you can combine everything from dragons to gems and trees explore the new lands and conquer themyou have full freedom to build your magical kingdom exactly how you want Explore new lands full of mysterious creatures and new resources. positioning your buildings and combining items how you want them it's a land of infinite length Complete quests
The game gives you several quests to keep you busy, rewarding you with gold, gems, and more quests every step of the way. there's also a daily quest that rewards you with gold and gems so come back to get the quest for more merge games like thisif you enjoy merge games check out these merge titles farm merge valley is a popular merging game in which you manage a farm complete with animals and a science game in which you combine elements to create complex structures the release date is april 2021 for android and ios may 2021 for html5 platforms web browser desktop and mobile android ios

Drag left mouse button.