Drop & Merge the Numbers

Rating : 8.9

this is a super addictive 2048 merge puzzle game if you drop the numbers in the row you can merge them and create a larger number How good and how far can you go. let's combine numbers show the ways to playmerge the blocksdrop and merge the numbers for as long as possible and see if you can reach 2048 they are multiple of 2 and when matched with squares of the same number add together more than 2 blocks can be combined into one block at the same time giving you the potential to create large combinations as soon as your blocks reach the top row it's a game over and you get your highest score you never know what will happen next think quickly you can think carefully about your number placements to make space for similar squares that could fall later it is better to group together squares with values close to each other as these could later merge together in combo moves put 128 blocks next to 2 it won't be much use for a long time Browse our merge games for more. we have a 2048 category with more games like this we have Features

Drop and merge numbers to reach 2048
Reach the highest number possible
Get a high score to beat next time you play
Earn gems to buy advantages for the next game

Release Date

March 2021 (Android and iOS)
September 2022 (WebGL)

Drop & Merge the Numbers was made by Blury Studio. Platforms

Web browser


A / left arrow key = move left
D / right arrow key = move right
S / space / down arrow key = drop the block
Esc / P = pause.