DOP: Draw One Part

Rating : 8.6

a casual puzzle game in which you draw the missing pieces of a picture test your logical skills and see if you can spot the part of the picture that is missing guess correctly and continue for more challenges what is wrong? use logic to figure out what is missing It could be a chair with one leg missing, a rope swing without a branch, a safe without a door, and many more objects with parts missing for you to spot. draw the missing pieceyou don't have to perfectly draw the missing piece if the general shape is right the puzzle is solved use the hints button if you get stuck and want to reveal the area where you need to draw Challenge your brain
DOP: Draw One Part is an endless puzzle game, so you can keep going. get creative with this fun drawing game and fill in the gaps without having to draw like an artist More Games Like This
Challenge your brain in hundreds more brain games like Cups - Water Sort Puzzle and Words of Wonders. please try one line if you like drawing date of release april 2020 ios april 2023 android june 2023 webgldeveloperdop draw one part is developed by saygames Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

use the left mouse button to draw missing parts