Mahjongg Solitaire

Rating : 7.9

this is a mahjongg solitaire game with traditional rules and modern graphics there are no shuffles and the game is timed but the pace is relaxed learn how to spot patternsmahjong is a challenging puzzle game there are so many tiles many of which look the same but have small differences the need to spot these patterns also means that you can't move any pieces if both sides block it must be accessible at least on the left or right side use hints when you're stuckmahjongg solitaire features hints if you're stuck but there's no shuffle feature like some other mahjong games the games are also timed meaning there is a certain urgency to how many tiles you match you get a score for the tiles you matched and a bonus for how far you got in the game before your time runs out the mahjongg solitaire has 144 tiles divided into three suits the primary suits are dots - feature circles bamboo - feature lines characters - feature chinese charactersin mahjongg solitaire you will also notice special tiles that can be matched even in blue or green they're highlighted more mahjongg solitaire is an excellent choice for a beginner or regular mahjong fan of course there are many other titles to find in our collection of mahjong games there are two popular choices - mahjong classic and onet connect platformweb browser desktop and mobile release date october 2016 we also have a version for android

controls use the mouse button to interact