Rating : 8.5

this classic two player naval strategy game can be played for free in your browser you command an elite fleet of battleships fighting an equally capable enemy take turns to fire on your opponent's territory using an array of ranged weapons playplace your battleshipsthe battle takes place on a grid divided in squares with the same fleet of ships each player starts with the same fleet ships in the fleet are different in size place combat ships strategically around your side of the board to avoid enemy attacks you can either position the ships vertically or horizontally start the battle you and the opposing player will take turns guessing what squares are occupied by enemy naval units in each case the two players have three guesses the square you picked will show the word hit if you guess correctly Sink the enemy fleet
Once you’ve guessed a square correctly, that’s one of their ships narrowed down. You can keep firing until their full ship is revealed in red, which means you’ve sunk it. it gets easier to find the rest of their ships the more squares you reveal but you have to be quick increase your skills and unlock new weapons keep watching these epic aquatic battles until the end to earn xp and level up your character as you progress you unlock new weapons that deal damage to a greater area tips try to space your ships as much as possible - don't group them all together in one place think logically when choosing squares what ship sizes are remaining and is it possible that they would fit in the area you are attacking? Utilize your more powerful weapons as you level up

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Do you enjoy playing fun and strategic board games. other commonly played board games that will satisfy your strategic itch are chess online and mahjong solitaire maybe you'd like to play the family favorite ludo king online with other players developer battleship was created by hasbro - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

controlsto play click on the left mouse button