Assault Bots

Rating : 8.9

let us know what you think about this project use this form to share your experience to help us improve assault bots assault bots previously bot machines is an excellent real-time multiplayer battle game made by blayze games Choose from an array of weapons, jump into the battlefield, and obliterate your opponents. Blayze games also make Bullet Force, Plated Glory, and more highly popular games. since december 21 2020 the game has been rebranded as assault bots 'bot battles'vehicle combat in assault bots is a lot of fun using the simple mechanics you can use your strategic and aiming skills to blow up your enemies which quickly becomes an addictive and enjoyable experience Team Deathmatch
The game mode now uses team deathmatch. try to eliminate as many opponents as possible in the time limit Capture the Flag (legacy mode)
As well as destroying the opposition, you must capture as many flags as possible, as this is the critical objective. it is possible to capture flags by keeping your vehicle within the range of the flag while defending your position against enemies then you can put in place a personal and team strategy to gain a competitive advantage over the other side Customize
One of the aspects of Assault Bots that keeps the gameplay fresh is the ability to switch up your arsenal of weaponry. In any game, you'll have two slots free to choose from an array of weapons, including a minigun, machine gun, RPG, grenade launcher, and more. there are weapons that have their strengths and weaknesses You can also apply add-ons like health-regen and turbo, as well as customizing the body and movement of your vehicle to create your favorite Assault Bots for Battle. may 2020developer blayze games is the developer of assault bots some popular online games such as forward assault and those mentioned at the top of the description are developed by the company browser android


WASD or arrow keys = move
Left-click = aim and shoot
Right-click = Zoom
1 and 2 = switch weapons
Space = hand brake
Shift = turbo
E = jump
R = reload
T = chat
Tab = view scoreboard
Esc = pause.