Forward Assault Remix

Rating : 8.9

Join the combat in Forward Assault Remix. 'front assault' is a first-person shooting game from the makers of bullet force is an amazing 3d shooting game with a very tactical gameplay assemble a leader of an army team and get ready to kill your enemies Run, hide, distract, aim, shoot, and kill. you better have a good plan to make your team win the battle on the first day of a match you are equipped with a glock pistol and a combat knife you earn money when you kill enemies and win matches Use this cash to purchase new weapons to improve your survivability. weapon classes include pistols shotguns and assault rifles to name a few excellent team based combatthe gameplay is realistic - move around the different maps and try to eliminate the enemy team Move carefully and use the different objects available as cover. in a firefight you won't be long it's important to be careful with your movements and work in a team each fight uses the last man's method once a player is killed you have to sit out for a while until the next round this is why teamwork is important in the forward assault remix you could be the last player standing and still take out the entire enemy team for those who love classic first-person shooter games like counter-strike and call of duty you'll also enjoy this fast-paced strategic combat game originally released as an android app in june 2017 and as an ios app in september 2017 it is available in webgl since december 2019 and can be played exclusively on crazygames com. forward assault is developed by blayze games the skins were created from freepik images com. Platforms

Web browser


WASD to move
Mouse scroll to switch weapons
Space bar to jump
Q to throw weapons
E to pick up weapons
R to reload
B to enter buy menu or hold B to plant/defuse the bomb
G to throw grenades
F to switch grenades
T to chat
Shift to crouch
LMB to shoot
P to enter the pause menu
Tab to show statistics.