Time Shooter 3: SWAT

Rating : 8.7

time - shooter 3 swat is a first-person shooter in which your movement affects time the sequel to time shooter 2 takes inspiration from superhot dodge enemy attacks and take down enemies with skill using time as your ultimate weapon How to Play
Free the hostages - smash the terrorists
Fight in battles that come almost to a standstill when you stop moving. control time carefully by moving and have epic matrix-style battles using whatever weapons you can find around the map time shooter 3 swat introduces several new features and challenges to the time shooter series the orange men have been identified as terrorists and it's your job to take them down and free the hostages What’s new in Time Shooter 3. these porcelain pirates have official swat gear such as riot shields helmets and body armor you'll have to use your best tactic abilities to kill them and save the hostages soldier dismantle doors with a battering ram or shotgun and restore justice with body shattering violence Time Shooter 3 Tips

Check your surroundings before you move
Plan what weapons you’re going to use
Use riot shields for extra protection
Pick the weapon best suited to each task


Epic slow-mo gunfights in 3D
Various weapons to do damage with
Several new features and challenges
Play for free in your web browser

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Time Shooter 3 is based on the original concept that contributed to the success of SuperHot. see more fps games like krunker io and Shell Shockers. Release Date
March 2022
Time Shooter 3: SWAT was made by GoGoMan. - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop


WASD or arrow keys = move
Left-click = shoot / pick up weapon
Right-click or R = throw weapon
F = pick up / throw shield.