Abobo's Big Adventure

Rating : 9

it's possible that abobo is the angriest 8-bit character on the internet he's truly enraged when his son aboboy is kidnapped by evil gangsters is it possible to help abobo rescue his son and destroy everything in his path? this fun and exciting game you will bump into various nintendo characters such as donkey kong and goomba and abobo is truly a fantastic piece of nostalgia as you progress through the fantastic 8-bit levels you must fight through a hoard of enemies and kick and punch them into oblivion whenever you defeat more enemies the range bar fills up until you can unleash a devastating special rage attack it's amazing everything about this game from the retro graphics to the simple gameplay and fun characters - you'll find it difficult to stop playing abobo developersabobos big adventure was created by i-mockery with programming from pestoforce and animation from pox box

Game controls

Keyboard arrow keys to move
A to kick
S to punch and pick up objects/throw
A+S to unleash rage attack (after the rage bar has filled)
P to pause the game.