We Become What We Behold

Rating : 9.5

we become what we see is a silly 5-minute point-and-click game about news cycles vicious cycles and endless cycles use your camera to capture a moment in time and see how squares and circles react to each other About the Game
In We Become What We Behold, peace is boring. love is irritating and a cricket is a cricket What really gets people going. anger and hate ' it's possible first you capture one small miscommunication between circle and square then amplify it in the media so that more viewers see it as a result tension increases between circles and squares creating a vicious cycle of anger and hatred that quickly spirals towards the violent climax Features

A small game about society and the media
Capture moments that affect the population
Square and circle people, with various stories
Nice artworks and sound effects

Release Date
October 2016 and was updated in October 2018. we become what we behold developed by nicky case support developer Platforms
Web browser (desktop and mobile).

controls use the mouse to capture a moment