Twisted Cooking Mama

Rating : 7.5

Twisted Cooking Mama is the gruesome cooking game in which you must help the iconic cooking mama prepare and cook a turkey however, cooking mama has started to show her very dark and twisted side so beware playing this if you are squeamish. prepare and cook the meal Cooking mama wants to enjoy the process of cooking in some very strange ways, don't let that put you off I'm sure the food will be delicious in the end. okay perhaps not please keep the cooking mama happy and follow the instructions quickly Have some twisted fun. Release Date
November 2008

Twisted Cooking Mama was made by This is Pop. it's a game to raise awareness about animal cruelty Features

Turkey cooking game
The first stages are bloody and mean, but the later stage turns 180 degrees
3 performance level
Easy to follow instructions

Web browser (desktop and mobile).

controlsto play click on the left mouse button