Turbo Stars - Rival Racing

Rating : 9.1

turbo stars - rival racing is a heart-pounding skateboard racing game zoom outpace opponents and put a new spin on karting in this wild and fast-paced game how to play high-speed racesrace through exciting and colorful tracks against up to 11 opponents think fast as you collect items to gain an advantage dodge obstacles to avoid crashing and perform impressive tricks for additional coins Zoom through the tracks overtaking and even hurling your opponents through the air to take the lead. make sure you don't fall off your skateboard Hit the neon-lit bonus levels to collect as much gold as possible. customize and upgradecollect as many coins as possible to gain access to new items You can unlock new tracks, boards, gear, power-ups, and customize your character in various ways. Defy gravity, snatch coins, and wear the crown as you become the ultimate Turbo Star. get up on your board now and race for victory More Games Like This
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Speed through exhilarating races on various colorful tracks
Level up to gain power-ups and get an edge over other racers
Customize your character with custom skins, emotes, and tricks. Collect coins, rubies and keys to buy new items

Release Date

September 2019 (iOS)
November 2019 (Android)
June 2023 (WebGL)

SayGames made Turbo Stars - Rival Racing. Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Use WASD / arrow keys / drag the left mouse button to move and swing around on your skateboard.