Turbo Dismounting

Rating : 9.5

the stickman is back for an experiment in turbo dismounting it's time for you to do as much damage as you can to the stickman before he lands earn money to spend more on maps and vehicles see how much damage you can do how to play use the starting money you have to purchase a level and get into the game hold the start button for as long as you want and release it to send them down a series of platforms and staircases the green bar around the start button indicates the power of the push button when the stickman lands you get points and money that you can use to buy access to more levels and vehicles try a variety of vehicles and see how your character falls even if you want to watch a replay you can watch it for yourself you can play more of our stickman games once you've finished throwing a stickman around like a rag doll the other popular games to play there are stickman destruction 3 heroes and stickman parkour 3 Features
Various vehicles to ride, from a cart to a bulldozer. Changeable stickman pose
20 maps with different objects
Detailed statistics after each scene
Release Date
May 2018
Web browser.

controlsto play click on the left mouse button