Sugar, Sugar

Rating : 8.6

sugar a strategic puzzle game where you draw lines to direct sugar into cups build bridges and slopes to capture the sugar and guide it into the cup sugar was developed by bart bonte and provides a fresh challenge with each level How to Play
Sugar, Sugar is a Flash game that allows you to play with the granular physics. draw lines to direct the specified amount of sugar into the cup as you continue to progress there are more difficult challenges with numerous cups and elements that increase the challenge this excellent game of puzzles is one of many games created by bart bont Bart is still making newer games such as Blue and has several popular classics like Factory Balls and the sequel to this game, Sugar Sugar 2. sugar tips draw lines carefully - the slightest angle or curve can affect the flow of glucose plan your path - it pays to plan as one mistake means you have to start over draw at a steep angle - the sugar will get to its destination faster and not stick to anything Developer
Sugar Sugar was made by Bart Bonte. platformsweb-based browser besides android and ios versions we also have ios versions

Drag left mouse button to draw.