Sugar, Sugar 2

Rating : 8.5

sugar 2 is a strategic puzzle game in which you draw lines to direct sugar into cups build bridges and slopes to catch the sugar and lead it to the cup you can also find the prequel to this game in sugar sugar how you can playthis second instalment of sugar sugar was developed by bart bonte and provides new levels and challenges for fans of the first game play granular physics that made this original flash game so popular as you continue to progress there are more difficult challenges with numerous cups and elements that increase the challenge Like the first game, completing all the levels unlocks freeplay mode. this excellent game of puzzles is one of many games created by bart bont bart still makes newer games like pixels for christmas and black and has several classics like factory balls and full moon this game was made by developer bart bonte - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

Drag left mouse button to draw.